Friday, June 15, 2012

3d Printing Natural Forms IV

This fourth sample in the series is a test of the 3d printer's resolution rather
than the resolution of the digital model. Using the same model I created with
Bryce Pro from my last test (comparing high and low resolution saves of the same
model), I’ve increased the resolution of the printer by one simple alteration in
the Skeinforge settings:
I changed the layer thickness from 0.4mm to 0.3mm and kept all the other
settings as they were:
Perimeter over thickness ratio: 1.55
Infil solidity: 0.1
Feed and flow rate: 40.0mm/s

Here is the rest of the data for this particular print:
294,466 vertices
588,928 faces
3mm ABS filament / .5mm nozzle
Size: 182mm x 174mm x 43mm
Time for Skeinforge to compile: 1hr 42min
146 layers
367,970 lines
Estimated filament length for print: 31,810mm (34.8 yards)
Print time: 12hr 45min

0.4mm Layer Thickness

0.3mm Layer Thickness

Comparison side by side: 0.3mm and 0.4mm Layer Thickness

Monday, June 4, 2012

WhiteAnt Build- Parts C,H, I, and J

Part I and J: Y-axis bearing support

Bearings and tension rods in place.

This part of the build constructs the bearing system which moves the bed along the y-axis. The original specification for the bed size of the WhiteAnt printer is 8-9/16" x 9-1/16". I've increased it to 12" x 17". In doing this, I've increased the difficulty in keeping the y-axis travel along this plane not only level, but also in keeping it perpendicular to the x-axis rail. I should be able to correct any imperfections since I plan to add an aluminum bed mounted in the same fashion as the heated bed on a Prusa Mendel.