Monday, May 14, 2012

3d Printing Natural Forms II

The second sample I made, I think is the largest Prusa Mendel print I've seen. I
wanted to test the limits of the print envelope by creating a model that would fill the print bed. At the same time, I wanted to make a model with  graceful curves with sharp delineated edges.

Base with 10% infill.

About 47% complete.

Completed print.

Here is the pertinent data for this set up:

3mm ABS / .5mm nozzle
Size: 185mm x 187mm x 81mm
Time for Skeinforge to compile: 1hr 10min
203 layers
Estimated filament length for print: 50,058mm (54.75 yards)
Print time: 11hr 16min
Object weight: 375 g (13.25 ounces)
Ambient temp: 25 degrees C.
Bed temp: 85 - 100 degrees C.
Extruder temp: 200 degrees C.

Skeinforge settings:
Layer thickness: 0.4mm
Perimeter over thickness ratio: 1.55
Infil solidity: 0.1
Feed and flow rate: 40.0mm/s

At about 27% completion I noticed warping at three corners. It continued to warp
slightly and then stabilized.

I wasn't aware when the crack appeared since I left the latter half of the
printing (about 5 hrs) unattended.

Overall I am very happy with the results. Aesthetically, I am very pleased. The
forms are very well defined and interesting. Even the layers add to the overall
appeal. The scalloped relief with the texture of the print layers remind me of


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