Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WhiteAnt Build- Parts A,B,F,G and H

I'm using the plans which I downloaded from the site and the book "Printing in Plastic: Build Your Own 3D Printer" to build my version of the WhiteAnt. I'm going to reference the parts as they are in the book, but I am not going to follow the build order that it outlines. Since I'm modifying the size, I think it's better to start with the main structure. This will allow me greater freedom to fine tune the X-axis rail in relation to the bed (Y-axis). I have a greater concern for keeping the planes level with this printer since it's highly dependent on the accuracy of drilled holes and cuts in wood.


All the parts are basically as the plan calls, except for part H. This is the
X-axis Rail Support*. The plan calls for a 10 13/16" length, but I have extended
it to 18 3/4". This will allow the printer to support a bed size of 12 x 17".
The Prusa Mendel has a bed size of roughly 8" square.

* Note that in the book and plans the x-axis support rail is labeled as Y-axis. There are other oddities, mistakes and omissions through out the book and plans. Because of this, I find myself triple checking everything.

Comparison of size to the Prusa Mendel

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